CrossFit Road Trip

Details of the CrossFit Road Trip, 10/22 – 10/23

9am @ CF New Albany

Warmup & Mobility (Wall Porn)

For time:

50 pistols on right leg (scaled to putting heel on dumbbell)

5 Rounds w/ 30 min cut-off:

5 TGU @ 30# with overhead squat

5 Strict CTB pull-ups

5 weighted ring dips

5 Tire flips

50 pistols left leg (scaled as above)

Result: DNF, only got to 35 out of 50 left leg pistols


Partner-Grace. Huston and I split up 30 reps of Clean & Jerk at 135 … 2 something was the time.

11am @ Rogue Gahanna


Skill work on 1-arm overhead squat @ 30#

Partner WOD, AMRAP in 8 min:

Row 200m

Max 1-arm OHS

Max Wall Climbs

Followed immediately by:

AMRAP in 8 min

Row 200m

Max 1-arm OHS

Max Toes-to-bar

Don’t know the score, but 1-arm OHS SUCK!

Evening: Dinner out with friends in Cleveland.

Sunay @ 9am, CTown CrossFit

For time:

15 Clean & Jerks, 135#

30 Wall Balls

30 CTB pull-ups

15 Deadlifts, 135

Run 300m

15 C&J, 135#

30 burpees

15 Deadlifts, 135#

30 tarzan pull-ups

30 KB snatches, 53#

Run 300m

Time: 22 something

11am @ CrossFit CLE


5 Rounds, 2-man team:

1 min max row

1 min KB hold

(kinda like “Tailpipe”)


AMRAP in 15 min, teams of 3:

Row 250

Max KB swings, russian, 53#

Max toes-to-bar

Result: unknown

Skill work:

AMRAP in 10 min

3 Wall climbs

10 Box Jumps, 24″

5pm @ CrossFit 513:

2 rounds, each untimed, resting in between:

Prowler push

3 tire flips

sandbag carry, long frickin way…

3 tire flips

prowler pull with rope

It was a whole lotta suck.


Friday 10/21

Day of light work to prepare for this weekend’s road trip. Unfortunately, no shorts. Did work in pants. Constantly varied.

Behind the neck rack jerks to 225. 250 got up once but couldn’t finish. So close.

2×15 KB swings, 2 pood

Hamstring mobility

Thursday 10/20

Took a rest day Wednesday.

21-18-15-12-9 of:

AbMat Situps

1 Bear Crawl in between rounds


Then 5×1 Deadlift, belted. Recovering from back injury… took it easy:


3xMax strict pull-ups, 37# weight: 10/8/6 … happy about this!

Tuesday, 10/18

15 ground to overhead w/ 85 pound sandbag
500m row
5 turkish getups with sandbag

Build to heavy single press: 160, tied pr
20 presses at 120: 7 straight then 13 singles. Yikes!

150 burpees to pull-up bar target: 12:43

Build to a heavy double hang power snatch: 145, running shoes, belt & wrist wraps.

Good day.

Monday, 10/17

4x400m sprints, resting 1 min in between each:
Rest 10 min

4x400m sprints, resting 1 min in between each:

Considering I don’t run and I hate running, I’ll consider this a good day

I’m back. Keep me honest.

Today’s testing, starting at the top of each hour:

3 Rounds:


8 GTO, 135

12 Burpees to pull-up bar.


AMRAP in 12 min (with 600m run buy-in included in 12 min)

20 Double unders

10 box jumps, 25″

5 front squats, 165 from the ground

5 Rounds + 10 Box jumps

For time:

30 Row for cal

30 Wall ball shots

30 KB swings, 53#

30 CTB Pull-ups

30 Walking lunges w/ 45# plate overhead

30 toes to bar

30 overhead squats, 95#

Run 600 meters

Time: 18:27

Good work considering the lack of conditioning. Gotta hit the track hard the next few weeks as my run is slower than Diane Rhemes. Gotta hit mobility hard too.

Keep me honest.


7/29: Row 2K @ 70% effort, 8:06 … then 30 minutes of foam rolling & lacrosse ball work.

7/30: “CrossFit Total”

1RM Squat: 285, belted (10# PR)

1RM Press: 155

1RM Deadlift: 385, belted (10# PR)

New CFT of 825, up from 780. I’m spending the next few months dialing in my squat. Using too much of my quads and hipflexors. No hams or glutes getting utilized. Wrong answer. Gotta tweak. Happy about the dead, two weeks after a serious injury.

7/31: Rest day, cleaned the gym.

7/18 – 7/28

7/18: Deaded 340 for 3 and on the 3rd lift REALLY hurt my lower back. Like, couldn’t move, couldn’t coach bad. I was OVERstressing my mid-back for proper form and failed to drive through the heels on the lift. Chiro

7/19: Drugs, ice, and rest. Chiro x2

7/20: Drugs, ice, rest. Chiro

7/21: More rest, less drugs. Chiro

7/22: First day back, a Cindy prep. 2 Rounds of: 3x 5 pull-ups/10 pushups/15 squats, rest 1 min in between. Finished in 4 something. It was a 4 round WOD, but called it after 2 due to the lower back.

7/23: Back was feeling better so I knocked out Death By Clean & Jerk. 1 rep @ 135 the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third … until you can’t complete the work in the given time. PR’d and felt good throughout. 8 Rounds + 7 reps. 43 total reps.

7/24: Rest

Monday 7/25/2011


Back on the horse! Decided to test out the back with some power cleans. Chiro.






Finally getting my knees to stay inside on the landing instead of tracking out. Conditioning:

Max box jump height: 44.5″, 1 inch shy of PR.

10 Rounds of:

Row sprint, 20 sec

Row @ 50% intensity, 40 sec

Most distance covered: 120m

Least distance covered: 102

Tuesday 7/26/2011

Press deload with an estimated 1RM of 170. PR is 160.

5 minute KB snatch test: 90 reps with 1.5 pood. Not completely happy with this. Definite room for improvement.

Wednesday 7/27/2011

Back squat deload based on 300 pound estimated 1RM: 140/160/185

hamstring mobility

“Cindy”: 21 Rounds plus 7 push-ups. Push-ups are always wrecking for me. Another suck…

Super couch later in the day.


Goals for Saturday’s CrossFit Total:

300 pound squat

160 pound standing strict press

400 pound deadlift



Cornhole with Phil. 2nd place… not bad.

Picked up JD’s stuff from Urban Active to add a new coach to the team. Very excited about this.


Alright. Time to get serious. Not fuckin’ around here. Regionals 2012 is mine. I’m there. Why wouldn’t I be? Focused.

Morning at Hustle:

3 Rounds:

  • 30 Double Unders
  • 20 Push-Ups
  • 10 1-arm push jerks, 53# kettlebell (5 per side)


McAlister’s salad, bottle of wine, chips and salsa. Monday starts the epic 8 month journey. Eye on the prize.

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