Collected Training 1/5 – 2/12

Been away from the blog thing for a while, but have been putting my WODs into a Google Docs document which is reviewed by my coach.  Here is my collected training across the last month or so.  I’ll be sure to begin posting WODs daily again.  The benchmark loads/times to the right have been updated.


Row 10k

Time: 39:44


Snatch 3-2-1-1-1

116/126/136/146/156 PR/166F

Tabata Clapping Pushups: 63

Skin the Cat: 6/5/4




5 max attempts at tuck levers.  Keep back strictly at parallel with floor.

For time:

Run 400m

50 pullups

Run 400m

50 pushups

Run 400m

50 situps

Run 400m

50 squats

6″ of snow.  Did not do this WOD>  Spent the weekend in Atlantic City.


AMRAP in 6 minutes:

5 pullups

5 deadlifts, 225lbs

5 handstand pushups

Did on 1/8/2009. 7 Rounds (+5 Pullups)  All pullups/HSPU unbroken.  First two rounds of deads unbroken.

Practiced double unders and Handstand Walks.



No WODs on 1/9 or 1/10.


Power Snatch 3×3 (not for heavy loads): 115/125/135 (PR)

For time:

10 bar muscle-ups

10 hang squat clean thrusters, 135lbs

Run 800m

10 hang squat clean thrusters, 135lbs

10 bar muscle-ups

The squat clean thruster must be in one fluid movement.

11:29.  Pretty disappointed in this performance, even though Amy coached me through it.  We both agreed my mental game was way off.  Run sucked because I did it on a treadmill at the globo-gym from a dead stop.  Tomorrow, I destroy it.



5 rounds for time:

25 double unders

25 situps

Time: 5:03.  Only 2 rounds of DU broken.  Felt pretty good about this even though my goal was sub-5.

2) Clean & Jerk 5-3-1.  Every set should be heavy.



1×201 (PR by 6#)

Post: Double-Churchbells on ropes & 63 consecutive double unders (PR) … and no donkey kick this time.  🙂


Bench Press 3×3: 185/205/210

1) 5 rounds on a 2 minute clock:

Run 400m

As many pullups as possible in the remaining time.

Rest 3 minutes

13/15/13/13/13 *Did at globogym on treadmill.  Each 400m was about 1:30 pace and I only took 1 min rest in between each round.

5x50m Backwards sled drags w/ 90#. Rest in between each.

2) Reverse Tabata L-Hold

Hold the L-sit position for 10 seconds on parallettes or dumbbells.  Rest for 20 seconds.  Repeat until you can no longer hold for the full 10 seconds.  Record number of complete rounds and how many seconds into the last round you failed.

2 Rounds +8 Seconds (fell backwards off the airplane chalk blocks)




Worked on the speed of my split clean.  Foot work is getting much better, but my elbows are still pretty slow.

As far as possible in 10 minutes:

1 push press, 115lbs

1 box jump, 24″

2 push press

2 box jumps


11 Rounds (+5 Push Press)

Then 3×5 straight leg lifts hanging from pullup bar.


For time:

Run 200m

20 SDHP, 65lbs

20 CTB pullups

20 thrusters, 65lbs

20 ring dips

20 swings, 1.5 pood

20 pushups

20 squat clean & jerk, 65lbs

20 box jumps, 24″

Run 200m


*God what a slog.  Ring dips, Squat Clean & Jerk worst.

then spent 15 minutes working on double unders and backwards jump roping/backwards double unders.

Rest 15 min, then Deadlift 135 for 50 reps.  Want to get 100.

Ready for a fuckin rest week.



1/18-1/24 – Rest week.  I want you to look into self myofascial release and decide if it’s worth it to you to invest some time and money in it.


Played in an adult soccer league game.  Tweaked my left knee a little, but it shouldn’t effect WODs too much.


1) For time:


Hang power snatch, 75lbs

Wall ball, 20lbs/10′

4:26 (did wall balls first on accident) Was REALLY gassed during this WOD.  First day being back from a rest week maybe…

Post: Walking on hands practice.  3×10 Clapping Pullups

2) Row 4x500m, 3 minutes rest between

1:30.4 PR /1:43/135.5/143.6

*Once again completely gassed…


1) Run 4x400m, 90 seconds rest between

Due to tweaked knee, did 4 rounds of 20 hang power cleans w/ 2×45# dumbells.  times in seconds: 53/59/63/62

Afterward, I did some overhead squat work at 135#.  Feeling better, but a little gassed and weak.

2) Push Jerk 5-3-1

5×165/3×175/1×185/1×195/1×200/1×205.  Huge PR’s.  A year ago, my push jerk was 165.

Handstand pushup work with depth.


For time:

25 squats

25 pushups

25 pullups

25 situps




Pushups and pullups the hardest.  All situps unbroken.

Skin the Cat: 6/4/4




1) 5x50m sprint, full recovery between

Left knee still healing.

2) 3 rounds for time:

Run 800m

21 overhead squats, 95lbs

Subbed 50 box jumps at 24″ for the run due to the knee.  Should be good by Monday. 13:48


3 rounds for time:

50 double unders

50 back extensions

Did the mainsite version of this with the BE first.  7:06.  Lower back destroyed!

Bench Press 3×3: 205

Played with 165# Atlas Stone!  Can get it up to chest, but not to shoulder.



FYI:  I have an Army Physical Fitness Test on Saturday (Pushups/Situps/Run).  On Friday, some heavy oly work would be pretty nice.  I will have access to a CF gym.


Played indoor soccer.  Went better this week. Stole a ball and didn’t block my team member (unlike last week).  Actually blocked some kicks too.  Perhaps one day I won’t let a guy score on me twice… fun stuff.


3×5 Thruster @ 135/145/155F (4 reps) Couldn’t lock out the fifth rep.

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

5 handstand pushups

10 toes-to-bar

30 squats

13 Rounds (+5 HSPU) Felt super great about the pacing of this WOD.  Steady with 3-5 sec in between each exercise.  All movements unbroken.


1) Deadlift 3-2-1

301/325/350 All PR’s.  1RM was belted.

Max Effort Double Unders: 53/47/31/59/35 (done in VFF)

2) 3x800m run, full recovery

Did 3K Row due to no rower on Wed morning: 11:20.6 … 11 sec slower than last time, but the 390 squats and heavy deads may have something to do with it.  Still happy with it.


3 x max L-hold

Had to do tuck holds due to destroyed midline from toes to bar.

1) 5 rounds, individually timed:

5 power snatches, 115lbs

10 box jumps, 30″

20 pullups

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

2) Row 3k

Did not Run the 800’s on the treadmill.




Snatch balance 5×5, working up to a moderately challenging but definitely manageable set of 5

Snatch 4×1

sn bal 95/105/115/120/125

sn 135/140/145/150/155


Army PFT

4 hrs sleep due to Army.  No APFT this weekend.



More shitty sleep hours.  Another Rest Day


1) Bench Press 5×3 supersetted with weighted pullups 5×3.  Go straight from bench to pullups but rest as needed between rounds.  Any grip is acceptable on pullups but note which you use.






*210 for 3 is a PR for me.  Happy with it.

2) Row :40 on/:20 off x 10 for total calories

154.  Never dropped below 15 cal.

Post: Double churchbells on the ropes.


2/9: Rest Day

For time:

Row 1k

50 thrusters, 45lbs

30 pullups

Run 1k Subbed 1K Row due to a foot of snow.

50 hang squat cleans, 65lbs

30 ring dips

Time: 18:37

Did this on 2/10


At the top of the minute sprint 100m.  Perform burpees for the rest of the minute.  Repeat until you have completed 100 burpees.  Record time to completion.





1) Determine max standing broad jump and max reps HSPU at approximately 10″ depth (use plates or paralletes.)  Doesn’t have to be exactly 10″, just make sure you get a measurement.

2) Max squats in 2 minutes, max pullups in 2 minutes, max pushups in 2 minutes, rest 2 minutes x 3 rounds.  Record total reps.

Did Power Cleans: 190/195/200F/195F

Then lullaby wod (100m/burpee): 8:40


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