Morning @ CFN:

Part 1:
Back squat, 5-5-5 deload

Part 2:
Clean, build up to a heavy single in 10:00; clean must be full, i.e, no power clean into front squat

Part 3:
Tabata jump squats

1. 105/125/149 (deep squat)
2. 185 (I’m weak without my coffee)
3. 19/19/21/17/19/15/20/15 (disappointed with this)

Evening @ Home:

Motivated by the CF Affiliate teams and Master’s athletes, I went out to work on some stuff.
10 min handstand work, then…

With two 45# dumbells,
3x Farmer’s carry, run 50m down/50m back. Rest between each.
4x Overhead carry, walk 50m. Rest between each.

It’s warm out there.


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