Got 8 hours sleep, woke up a little better than last few days.

Breakfast: 5 bacon, 4 farm eggs, 1 zucchini, 1/4 melon, coffee (black). Water.

Yard work all mornin.

11 am @ CFN:

50 DU/40 Army situps/30 pushups/20 pistols/10 1-arm pushups for warmup.

Strict CTB Pullup work (blue band) 8/5/5/5/8. Last 4 sets had pauses at the bottom, first set used the bounce at the bottom of the pullup.

Run 3K @ 80% (Pose practice)

Time: 15:15. Easy pace.

Post: scaled/rx’d back lever work.

Lunch: pork chop, yellow squash, peach. water & coconut milk.

Snack: pork chop, peach, water.

Dinner: lamb, 2 clementines, water. 3 small paleo muffins.


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