Lots of Paleo eating all day (minus the whey shake). 1.5 hour nap with the wife and kids!

Second macrocycle of Wendler’s 5-3-1 starts tomorrow as does my once-a-week appointment with an adult gymnastics instructor.

Spent about 30 minutes at the soccer field working on strongman stuff with The Twins (2 45# Dumb Bells):

Farmer’s carry down and back, drag both down (forward), drag both down (backward), 1 bell over-the-head toss down, 1 bell thruster toss down, waiters carry down with both bells.  Finished it up with 3 sprints down to mid-field and back w/ suicide touch … all out effort.

Details about my non-Paleo protein shake: I’ve been drinking 1 very large protein shake per day.  Sometimes hours before a WOD, sometimes immediately after.  It consists of 8oz coconut milk, 2 scoops whey protein, about 5 unmeasured tablespoons of chocolate peanut butter, and 2 double-handfuls of ice. I blend it up for a tasty meal.  It’s not the best in the way of nutrition, but I haven’t seen or felt any problems.  And my scrawny ass couldn’t hurt to put down an extra 1200 calories a day.

Upcoming events:

OPT Big Dawg Challenge (First of three) – 9/25

Army APFT – 10/10


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  1. john Said:

    nice work bro, keep up the good work.
    Practice and Patience!

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