Evening @ CFN:

50 ub DU/40 Situps/30 Pushups/20 Pistols

Played around with 3-rep muscle-cleans, working up to a sloppy 155, but looking solid with 145 (my previous 3 rep PR).

Deadlift 5-5-5: 275 (13)

Played around with handstands, on the atlas stone and got a legit handstand pushup on the rings! Also got 13 headslaps (PR).


3 min HSPU/3 min rest

2 min Ring Dips (strict)/2 min rest

1 min pushups

Scores: 28/20/39

Very happy with the RD & Pushups.  HSPU prolly didn’t go so well due to yesterday’s mayhem.

Later: Mobility WOD: Accumulate 10 minutes at the bottom of a squat. Rough! … then spent 20 min foam rolling hips and upper ass.


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