Slept about 7 hours, but woke up ready to conquer.

New coffee from Coffee Emporium.

I’ll be making an attempt at some serious PR’s over the next week.  Feelin strong on the squat clean (215-220 is doable) and since I’ve been linking 50 double unders together without trouble, gonna give 100 a try … a benchmark long overdue.

Evening @ CFN:

Opened up the evening with 102 Double Unders (PR)/40 situps/30 pushups/20 pistols/10 one-arm pushups

5xMax CTB Pullups (blue band): 10/10/7/6/7. Pauses at bottom.


“Will to Live, v2.0″

400m run
21 get-ups
400m run
15 get-ups
400m run
9 get-ups
400m run

Carry an odd object for the entirety of the workout. At no point is the object allowed to touch the ground; doing so results in the culmination of the workout, a DNF. Challenge yourself when selecting your object. Consider bumper plates, medicine balls, sandbags, heavy bags, etc. If you finish this quickly, you went too easy on yourself. For get-ups, begin flat on your back and end standing tall. Get there any way you can.

I carried a 61 pound heavybag. 20:59. Very fun.

Post: 3×10 strict knees to elbows, pausing at bottom.

Evening Paleo fried chicken meal with squash latkes.

MobilityWOD: Spent four minutes each leg (alternating every 30 sec) stretching the front hips. Then some foam rolling and stretching the same area.


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