Great day!

Back Squat (Wendler 5’s): 214 (9)

Deadlift (Wendler 3’s): 300 (10)

I’m using 280 as my 1RM on the Wendler Squat for this cycle and 370 as my 1RM for the Deads.  Feelin’ good.  My end of year goal (seen on the right) is 300 for 15.  On my way!


10 Rounds:

15 second row, 45 second rest … only counting the meters during the 15 sec interval.

Total meters: 887.

Later in the evening: Gymnastics.  Got my first front tuck (front flip) on the mat and my first back tuck (back flip) from the trampoline to the foam.  Felt pretty roughed up physically and mentally from the CFN WOD.


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