5 Things Every CrossFitter Should Do

CrossFitLisbeth has her 5.  Here are mine.

1. Join a CrossFit affiliate. Nothing increases your success more than the community, competition, and expert coaching at your nearby affiliate.  And just like you’re shopping for meat, check around and go to the best affiliate, though it may not be the closest.

2. Log it! Suzy’s Zoo notebook, OPT’s Logbook, or a blog, I don’t care. Log what you do with as much detail as possible.  What you ate, how you slept, your workload (outside of the gym), and stress can all effect that 1RM back squat you’re about to take on.  Real athletes track progress, do what works, and makes adjustments along the way. Real coaches enforce it.

3. Read everything. The CrossFit Journal is not the end-all, be-all of elite fitness. Browse T-Nation, Runner’s world, and as many blogs as you can get yer peepers on. If 80% is crap, you’ve still got 20% of material to better yourself as an athlete.

4. Fill the tank with good gas. If you want to operate like a high-performance vehicle, watch what you’re throwin’ down the gullet. Grains, dairy, gluten, and sugar should not be part of your nutrition.  Feel free to “cheat”, but understand that just because it tastes good doesn’t excuse your poor performance the next day.

5. “Regularly learn and play new sports.” Few CrossFitters remember this part of the 100 Words.  Join a rugby team, try gymnastics classes, and don’t be afraid of yoga.  Minus a few bumps and a bruised ego, it can’t hurt and it’s usually fun.


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