11/25 Rest Day


Back Squat 3×5 @ 245, missed last rep. Thanks to Jordan E. for that lil spot.
Bench Press 3×5 @ 185
Deadlift 5×1 @ 315, EMOM

B1. Hang power clean, 5 x :30 AMRAP @ 95/65; :30 rest
B2. Ring dip, 5 x :30 AMRAP; :30 rest
C. Glute-ham sit-ups, 50 total @ 2020; break as needed

B1 & B2 Total: 139
C. Untimed, had to break it up into 2′s at the end. Ouch!

*Notes on training:

It seems like my squat isn’t going up as quickly as I had expected.  This round of Starting Strength is milk-free, so there is a considerable lack of testosterone boost.  After some thought, I’ll reprogram to still squat twice a week, but most likely switch to a lighter weight on Friday for some recovery.  Bench & Press seem to be doing just fine, though I’m only increasing the loads once a week.  For the deadlift, I’ll look into that as well.


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