12/1 – 12/2

12/1 – Really sick and dizzy.  Took a rest day.

12/2 – @ CFN

Back Squat 3×250/5×235/5×235
Bench Press 3×5 @ 190
Max Strict CTB Pullup: 5/4/4/4/3
Butterfly CTB Pullups 2×16 …getting smoother

5 Rounds:

15 Box Jumps, 24″

20 KB Swings, 53#

25 Double Unders

Time: 10:55, only one round of DU broken! Box Jumps are always a killer for me.

1:15 of tumbling, vault, and trampoline at Five Star Gymanstics.

*** Programming Update

Press, Bench & pull ups are going very well, increasing in load by five pounds once a week.  Increasing by 5 pounds twice a week is a bit taxing and not productive.  Due to missing 3×5’s on the squat, My training will look like this:


3×5 Squat. After each set, jump onto a box 3x without bending knees after jump. I’ll increase the squat 5 pounds each week.

3×5 Press. No change, increase loads by 5 pounds each week

3×5 Pullups, chin over bar. No change, increase load each week. It may not be 5 pounds due to me topping out at 40# on 11/29

2x?? Butterfly CTB Pullups. Increase by 2 reps from previous Friday. (as of 12/3, I’m at 2×16).  Work on smoothness.

CFN MetCon


Deadlift 1×5, increasing load by 5 pounds once per week.

Glute Ham Raises 3xMax

CFN Conditioning


CFN Conditioning


No CF training, gymnastics in the evening.


10×2 Box Squat. 50% of 1RM (275), working on getting down slow, coming up FAST with knees out.

3×5 Bench Press. No Change, increase by 5 pounds once per week.

5xMax Strict CTB Pull up.

2x?? Kipping CTB Pullup.

Squat Clean or Squat Snatch Training. CFN Usually has some oly work 2x/wk, so I hop in there with the gang.

CFN Conditioning

3×8 Reverse Hypers


CFN Conditioning




After writing all this down, it seems like a lot … and it probably is.  But I’m handling the workload quite well.  It just needed a few tweaks.  I added some reverse hypers and GHRs in there to help my hammies on the deadlift which hasn’t gone up in a while.

Current numbers:

  • Press: 155
  • Bench: 235
  • Dead: 359
  • Squat: 275
  • Front Squat: 250
  • Squat Clean: 210
  • Power Clean: 205
  • Snatch: 155 (sloppy)
  • Strict pull ups: 17 (chin over bar)

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