7/18 – 7/28

7/18: Deaded 340 for 3 and on the 3rd lift REALLY hurt my lower back. Like, couldn’t move, couldn’t coach bad. I was OVERstressing my mid-back for proper form and failed to drive through the heels on the lift. Chiro

7/19: Drugs, ice, and rest. Chiro x2

7/20: Drugs, ice, rest. Chiro

7/21: More rest, less drugs. Chiro

7/22: First day back, a Cindy prep. 2 Rounds of: 3x 5 pull-ups/10 pushups/15 squats, rest 1 min in between. Finished in 4 something. It was a 4 round WOD, but called it after 2 due to the lower back.

7/23: Back was feeling better so I knocked out Death By Clean & Jerk. 1 rep @ 135 the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third … until you can’t complete the work in the given time. PR’d and felt good throughout. 8 Rounds + 7 reps. 43 total reps.

7/24: Rest

Monday 7/25/2011


Back on the horse! Decided to test out the back with some power cleans. Chiro.






Finally getting my knees to stay inside on the landing instead of tracking out. Conditioning:

Max box jump height: 44.5″, 1 inch shy of PR.

10 Rounds of:

Row sprint, 20 sec

Row @ 50% intensity, 40 sec

Most distance covered: 120m

Least distance covered: 102

Tuesday 7/26/2011

Press deload with an estimated 1RM of 170. PR is 160.

5 minute KB snatch test: 90 reps with 1.5 pood. Not completely happy with this. Definite room for improvement.

Wednesday 7/27/2011

Back squat deload based on 300 pound estimated 1RM: 140/160/185

hamstring mobility

“Cindy”: 21 Rounds plus 7 push-ups. Push-ups are always wrecking for me. Another suck…

Super couch later in the day.


Goals for Saturday’s CrossFit Total:

300 pound squat

160 pound standing strict press

400 pound deadlift



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